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Not uploaded a pic in a while so here ha go

Not uploaded a pic in a while so here ha go


o my fucking lord

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Tainted Love
Soft Cell
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Tainted Love b/w Memorabilia
Soft Cell, Sire Records/USA (1981) 

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Your Love
The Outfield · Play Deep
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Criminal World
David Bowie · Let's Dance
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David Bowie - Criminal World

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  • me: what are we
“I’m mad at myself, not you.

I’m mad for always being nice,
always apologizing for things I didn’t do,
for getting attached,
for making you my life,
depending on you,
wasting my time on you,
thinking about you, forgiving you, wishing for you, dreaming of you,
But most of all, for not hating you, which I know I should…

                                                                                  But I just can’t.



Who let they uncle out the house???

what have i done…